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Arbor Care, Inc.

Software Rockstars

  • Who: Software Rockstars
  • Where: Currently Updating *
  • What: design, icons

* Software Rockstars is the product of a rebranding effort by Anova Solutions. Currently, their website is located at Anova Solutions.

American School of Dental Assisting

Symbiotic Relationship


Yeah, you! If you let me do your next project, not only will you end up with a fancy product, you'll also be contributing to my dinner funds. Now that's what I call a symbiotic relationship!

I wanted to go with a clean, matte look, with nice glowing accents here and there:

Overall Design Example

I used a well-known jQuery plugin called jFlow to achieve the effect I was going for with the "Featured Downloads" slider.

Featured Downloads Slider Example

Many of my past English teachers talked about an "Attention-Getting Opening Sentence (AGOS)." The same principle applies in the world of web design: make sure your audience knows who you are and what you're about.

Intro Banner Example

A plain, old list of services just isn't as fun to look at without icons. It's pure and simple.

Homepage Icons Example

Because my sidebar is nearly black, the icons I currently have at each section "pop" a little too much. Nonetheless, they represent what each section's all about.

Sidebar Icons Example

This was a little effect I made myself (it's not too hard thanks to jQuery):

Javscript Chat Bubble Example

Here are some icons for the services section of my About page:

Services Icons Example

I'm currently involved with the folks at RiverKey Creative, and they're great! Here's their In-Stadium page. And before I forget, I mustn't take full credit for the design. The über talented (and all-around nice guy) J.P. Roberts did the 3D header text.

RiverKey Creative In-Stadium Page Example

SportsWebMedia is run by the awesome Will Simpson in the UK. Here's the homepage:

SportsWebMedia Homepage Example

SWM offers lots of great services, so we needed to implement a nice little slider to contain all of the information:

SportsWebMedia Services Page Example

To inform potential clients of all that SWM has to offer, we made a separate page to include some other things SWM takes care of:

SportsWebMedia Clients Page Example

Here's the About page. You may even see someone that you know and/or heard of:

SportsWebMedia About Page Example

Infegy is the company behind the social analytics tool, Social Radar. They asked me to design some clean e-mail templates for when they send out alerts and updates to their customers.

Infegy Alert E-mail Example
Infegy Update E-mail Example
Infegy Update E-mail Example
Infegy Icing Infographic Example
Infegy iPhone Infographic Example
Infegy Vuvuzela Infographic Example

The Infegy team & the awesome guys at CremaLab asked me to design a single-page website for the Startup Organizers Summit:

Startup Organizers Summit Example

The Arbor Care Homepage:

The Arbor Care Homepage

Here's a secondary page:


The American School of Dental Assisting homepage:

ASDA Homepage

The Software Rockstars homepage:

Software Rockstars homepage

Here are all of the icons on their "native" background: